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It’s hard to overstate the value of a good pitch deck. But here’s an attempt: it’s an existentially important document. Whatever the merits of a business plan, entrepreneurs run the risk of not being able to realize their ambitions if they can’t secure the venture capital needed to grow their business. And to do that, they’ll need a high-quality pitch deck.

A pitch deck takes a complex business plan and distills it into a compact and compelling presentation, which is then shown to potential investors in order to raise capital. A well-made pitch deck will generate interest or, better yet, venture capital from investors. A bad one can doom even the most visionary of ideas.

Put yourself in an investor’s shoes for a moment. You might see dozens, even hundreds of pitch decks at an event – all of them advanced by passionate entrepreneurs who are equally convinced they’re sitting on a gold mine. How much attention is afforded to each one of them? On average, about three minutes and forty-four seconds, according to research conducted by DocSend. It is within this supremely short period of time that an investor makes their ultimate decision on whether they’re in or out. Just three minutes can make or break a business plan that has been years in the making. And it all boils down to the persuasiveness of that company’s pitch deck.

The Internet is replete with advice on how to put together a pitch deck. Websites will tell you what software to use, the number of slides to include, and what aspects of the business they should focus on. Obviously, this is useful information. But it overlooks a critical point: entrepreneurs are masters of an entirely different domain. Whether it’s developing proprietary code or expanding a sandwich stand, entrepreneurs eat, sleep, and breathe their businesses. It’s here where their talent lies – not in writing, visual design, networking, or navigating the world of venture capital. So just like how most of us wouldn’t embark on major plumbing renovations after watching a few YouTube videos, so too is it a mistake to use Internet how-tos to cobble together a pitch deck. When the stakes are this high, it’s best to defer to expert advice.

Pitch decks are just one aspect of the suite of business consulting and strategy services offered by Startly Capital. We know what investors are looking for. We know how to make even the most intricate business plans be quickly and easily understood. We know how to visualize data in such a way that will linger with the audience long after the pitch has concluded. And we know how to cater a pitch deck toward the specific type of investor that is best suited for a given startup. In other words, we know how to make the most out of that three minute and forty-four second window of opportunity. Schedule a call today to learn more about how Startly Capital can help get your business idea off the ground. Because if there’s one thing that every entrepreneur knows, it’s that you don’t get a second chance to impress an investor.